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_rade's Australia vs New Zealand write up!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:43 pm    Post subject: _rade's Australia vs New Zealand write up! Reply with quote

_rade's tourney write up, third edition.

[Aus] vs [NZ]

Back by popular request it's _rade's write up.

00:03 <[ev]_rade> I might do a write up for aus vs nz.
00:03 <[ev]_rade> Whos interested?
00:04 <[ev]revstar> hmmmm
00:07 <[MOA]Robbbbb> sure... I guess

Robbbbb and Revstar were enthralled to have it again!

So the upcoming match is the Anzac test put on the line in a 5 v 5 Capture the Flag scenario. Nation vs Nation. Mate vs Mate. Man vs Ram-rammer.
Although this time there will be no need for the underarm bowling!

The teams:
[Aus]Jstb4udie (C)

New Zealand
[NZ]Rygrass (C)

The maps chosen by both teams are as follows:
Map03 "Exophase"
Map16 "Return To Phobos"
Map24 "Crawl Space
Map25 "Lethal Industry"
With Map 02 "Refineries" as a tie breaker.

New Zealand come into the match with an in-experienced and under strength line up which I expect will change by the time that this match goes live. Rygrass is the captain and definitely the best player in the New Zealand line up. He has a sharp aim and good wits about him which will make his movement unexpectedly tricky. I expect Rygrass to be up front with dodo_ in support. The player known as dodo_ is a new member in the Oceania zdeamon community and not well known as such. Although he is progressing rapidly and after being paired with him once or twice in public CTF matches, I can say with confidence he's a solid player. He's well and truly scoped the limits of CTF, on the other hand he is unfamiliar with a lot of the maps which will be a hindrance to his team. Lord_Jirad hasn't been around a whole long while as well, he's an average player with a basic skill level. He could be handy slotted into the middle defending role to pick up a few frags and slow the Australian attack. [TUA]_The_Furry I have only seen online once. In GameArena doom 1 DeathMatch. I would rate him about the same as Lord_Jirad, capable, but nothing special. In my opinion he is more or less, "A poor man's doomer" and a very poor man at that.
Finally skses is a player I have never come across. I have gone out of my way to search his nickname on the Zdaemon Experience Points server, with no results. Which leads me to believe that whoever it is, is under alias for this match. Maybe this is the return of Jay or RuCkiS ("the ruck-saw!" ladies run in fear!) for the Anzac test or even Triliniar from [CTR]. I rate New Zealand unfortunately with very little chance against the Australian team which is more experienced, more skill and mainly more better.
*Player to watch: [NZ]dodo_ might cause a few problems out there if he is underestimated by the Australian players.

The Australians come out with a near full strength team. Jstb4udie as captain and his selected squad of Robbbbb, Dre, Revstar and myself. I don't need to rant much about how much of a pain in the ass Robbbbb and Jstb4udie (or as I dub him now "Jstb4uCry" in the spirit of the frustration his nutorious rocket spams create for other members of the community) are to play against, if you want that information read my other thread for the current CTF tournament. I'm just thrilled that it's about time I get my chance to play on the same team as the both of those two rather then getting my ass served to me with a fresh squeeze of lemon by them. Dre I still have not seen a lot of in CTF, although what I have seen has impressed me and his defence will be invaluable to the Australian cause. Something tells me that myself and Revstar were chosen as second string players for the Australia team, although this does not worry me in the least. Revstar in defence is very solid and will rarely let the Kiwi's through for a cap. In my opinion, having Dre and Revstar in defence is kind of like Australia bringing a gun to a knife fight… totally unfair. Myself, well I'm starting to pull my socks up doom-wise. Although I'm unsure of where I am to play so that's all up in the air.
*Player to watch: [Aus]Dre will definitely cause some pains if he drifts away from his defence position to have a gander at the kiwis. Especially in Crawl Space, if he gets his hands on the BFG he will take a fair chunk out of the New Zealander defence. This time around I believe that Dre's "All Hat" approach may be rewarded with a few cattle.

I can't help but think if this match was played a good 3 months ago New Zealand would have had the chance to make a match of it. Maybe if they fielded a stronger team (such as: Rygrass, RuCkiS, Jay, Trilinear and dodo_ off the top of my head) they could put a fair dent in the Australian line up. Although with some of those names going inactive and others disappearing from the face of ZDaemon completely, it makes this match kind of tough for the Kiwi's, and it's just not cricket.

... Although if it was cricket, New Zealand would lose that as well. They kind of suck at cricket too. Maybe we should just say "It's just not Rugby Union" or "It's just not White Wines" or possibly, "It's just not angry pub brawls" maybe something along those lines...

Cheers to all, I'm signing off. And yes, I know there are some pretty awful jokes in there... but who gives a fu......
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject: Re: _rade's Australia vs New Zealand write up! Reply with quote

_rade wrote:

Jstb4udie (or as I dub him now "Jstb4uCry" in the spirit of the frustration his nutorious rocket spams create for other members of the community)

^Uber pwner^

Once again, another brilliant write up!
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

lmao nice write up i look foward to playing this game and seeing score like 25-0 to nz Razz

nice write indead tho
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