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International ZDC Tournament #3 (OS) November 2019

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Joined: 06 Sep 2005

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:35 pm    Post subject: International ZDC Tournament #3 (OS) November 2019 Reply with quote

Moo2d will bring back the constraints of doom.exe for the die hard old school players. It's a popular map that deserves some attention before the Christmas break and will be a nice shift in game-play from the 'cat and mouse' of ikbrowny to more open SSG dog fights.

Important: There will be three new rules from November 1st.

1. Any form of bullying and harassment will not be tolerated whatsoever. Players must respect their opponents and if nothing nice can be said then nothing should be said at all. Any player who is found to bully, harass, use personal insults, etc will be warned just once to stop it. If it happens a second time, that player will be disqualified from the tournament and of course be unable to sign up to the next tournament. Evidence of such unwarranted behaviour should be sent to an admin in the event of it happening.

2. Signups that can't commit to being available most days from 1st-21st of each month will be withdrawn. So an availability of "Mondays" is in no way suitable nor is it fair for opponents.

3. Each round now has target dates. If games are not played within those target dates then players who have been least available and forthcoming in trying to play their round's game will be disqualified unless prior approval to extend the round date has been given by an admin. This is a trial to prevent the time-wasting and delays of October. The rounds will each allow 4 days for each round to be played, starting from midnight (EDT) of the 1st or if the brackets are loaded later, then from the time that the brackets have been loaded. Games can of course be cleared up on the fifth day up until the admin makes any necessary disqualifications. The targets dates are (EDT timezone): Round 1 = 1st-4th; Round 2 = 5th-9th; Round 3 = 10th-13th, Round 4 (16p Final+3rd) = 14th-17th. And for any 32p finals: 18th-21st.

You must proactively show that you are trying to play your games so that in the event where an admin may need to disqualify one player, they can make the best decision as to which one. If you contact your opponent, do not agree to vague times or dates, agree to a specific hour or two, in the agreed timezone. So 'Tomorrow' or 'Monday' is not good enough as an arrangement.

ZDC Duel tournaments will run for 17-21 days, ideally concluding on the 17th of each month but can facilitate an extension for semi-finalists beyond that to ensure any delays are worked around. It is your responsibility to find your opponents and play all your games before then.

Round winners must record a demo of their games and may be asked to reply to this thread or to ZD discord providing the game date, score, and link to their own demo if an admin is not available.

    20 - 31 Oct
    Round 1: 1 - 4 Nov
    Round 2: 5 - 9 Nov
    Round 3: 10 - 13 Nov
    16p Final (Round 4): 14 - 17 Nov
    32p Final (Round 5): 18 - 21 Nov

Mode: Duel
WADs: moo2d, zvox8
Map: 01
Participants: 8-32
DMFLAGS: 72029508 / 823475712 / 0
Death limit: 15 Seconds
Tourney type: OS Duel
Skill: 4 - NM
Fraglimit: 50

  • Canada and North America:
    • Ducks - Canada (Primary, default option)
    • Dwango United - New Jersey (East Coast USA)
    • Borrowed Time - Dallas, Texas (South Central USA)
    • doom.dogsoft.net - Missouri (Midwest USA)
    • doomshack.org - San Jose, California (Pacific Region, USA)
  • South America:
  • Oceania:
    • Borrowed Time - Australia
  • Europe:
    • Borrowed Time - London, United Kingdom
    • Ducks - France
    • [L@P] - Finland

Sign up Link : http://tournaments.zdaemon.org

Sign up instructions:
  • Click the sign up link and find the Relevant Tournament on the front page.
  • Next to the tournament name click 'Register Here'.
  • Read the tournament rules carefully. Once read, scroll to the bottom and enter the required information then you're done!

Good luck!

Last edited by Evolution on Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:57 am; edited 4 times in total
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Joined: 06 Sep 2005

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Note: Bans from DQs last month have been lifted for this month given the rule change in terms of round dates / sign-up availability, however repeat offenders who avoid logging in and finding their opponents will be banned for 2 months so be in ZLauncher Chat #zdc and get your games played!

Time is 01:00 EST. The 2nd round will start on 5th Nov at 01:00 EST.
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God like!

Joined: 10 May 2009
Location: Animal-

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 8:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

summary of the poem mother to son by langston hughes[/img]

Score: (50) Animal - (20) Evolution
Server: Dwango United - New Jersey #40 (ZDC Intl Duel Tournament #3 (OS Nov 2019))
Demo: https://filebin.net/7mmho3h5htixw783

GG bro I was nervous at the start, but felt confident in the end it was fun bro!
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