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Apresentation by [FS]KikaDrummer/[FS]KikaDrums

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has entered the game!

Joined: 31 May 2018
Location: Brazil

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:40 pm    Post subject: Apresentation by [FS]KikaDrummer/[FS]KikaDrums Reply with quote

I play zdaemon since 2012,today I want to introduce myself and say a few words for reflection
I play Doom and offline games since the 90s
Zdaemon is a place for people to have fun, a hobby I will always love
There is people here who thinks this is place for trolling and strife, and make a psicological chaos in of our amusement
Just like my friend [FS]Demolition is trying to make this a better place, try to cooperate
At least keeping neutral
Cooperate with peace in Zdaemon peace, peace and game friendship
Be better human beings
Don't judge how someone play, but how he/she is as human
Or by physical appearance, why does he judge by the appearance
the problem is not mine.But how he/she is as human
Meet First, if you have character.
Also show more respect towards your opponents too, without the no game too
know me as a human being first,before judging me,or by comments from others,
or the way I play
Whenever possible, I'll be playing ZDaemon, I'll never leave it here
If someone does not like me, they will have to swallow me.
Because who really knows me are my friends and family of [FS]
Who knows me really likes me.
Know me as a human being first.I do not hurt or offend anyone, but I defend myself when I do not have a dialogue with the person.
I do not waste my time hurting anyone.
I come here to play ,have fun and make friends.
Not disturbing anyone.
this is another bad attitude that players make
mainly in ffa and ctf
are only throwing at that player of much more ping than they
if you have more players to play, get "hunting" weak player or with a lot of ping, this is bad
for what ?
You will not take your ego to your funeral, for sure.
or players who do not play with you because you are weaker than they
If you want to play, you want to play !!!
But play fair in the game, please.
Think about it and good games for everyone.
And I like to play my game in peace.
I do not care if I lose, just respect me
I do not mind if they come to me in coop
I do not care if you leave the stage without completing the map in coop or survival
Just let me play my game in peace, please.
I'm Brazilian and make friends with all the other countries too.
I speak portuguese and spanish
English by translator, by irc, on the server I do not understand much
My real name is Karin Kopittke.
Karin name of Russian origin;
Kopittke surname of German origin.
I am an authentic person,
I'm honest;
I'm loyal;
I am of good character;
I follow my good precepts.
I hate:
Evil, among others.
I have nothing to hide, like some here.
Despite being in a competition [FS] clan
I'm in [FS] because I'm part of my virtual family
I, as a player, do not play to compete, but rather play for fun
and make some friends on the way
As a family, if the family competes and wants me
I compete together
Always together. Always !!!

[FS] FragSyndicate

My contacts:
My main facebook:
Discord: [FS]KikaDrummer#7102


Last edited by [FS]KikaDrummer on Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:39 am; edited 15 times in total
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Joined: 19 Aug 2011
Location: Planet Earth Clans: [LA], [XXX], [SPQR] Channel: Rosh Fragger

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well said friend! o/
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