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FMM #205 - Project X [Part II]

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:04 pm    Post subject: FMM #205 - Project X [Part II] Reply with quote

This week on Friday’s Monster Mash, we will be playing the second part of “Project X”. This wad was created by Mike Watson (C¥ßerÐemºn) and was released in 1998.

This takes place directly after Doom][. After defeating the Master Demon, you fall from the lift and land in the nuke, nearly dead. By some miracle you survive. About an hour later you wake up. With a groan you get up and look around. You are surrounded by the dead. Dead Demons, Imps, Barrons, Knights and more surround you. In the center of the rubble is the Master Demon, a pile of flesh and stone. You stand over it for a few minutes and admire your work. It appears the reign of Hell and its forces is over.

A few days later the population of Earth returns, and the rebuilding begins. Everything seems to be going fine until you hear of some strange deaths that have occured on the man-made earth moon, code named Project X.

Project X's purpose was to make more room for the ever growing population of Earth. About seven million people inhabit the small orb, with around three million more on the way. The UAC(who has built Project X)sends a team of scientists and a few marines to check it out. One of the marines is, of all people, you.

When you get there you are amazed at what you see. Seven people, completly burned, head to toe, and then ripped apart like paper. At first you wonder what did this. Then it slowly dawns on you. These people were killed by an Arch-Vile. But that's impossible, you killed them all, didn't you?

You inform the scientists of this immediatly. A few hours later the team is searching for awnsers. After a study of the moon's docking area, a pod with deep claw marks in the side is discovered. Apparently the Vile hitched a ride through space. It has to be hunted down at once and killed. The scientists and other marines leave the area while you stay to check the other pods. Then from outside you hear massive screams of pain and terror. You quickly run out of the docking area. Three dead marines and six slaughtered scientists. You look around for the cause. Then you see it. A Reverant lies dead next to one of the marines. They're re-spawning.

You grab your pistol and walk twords the sound of the growling. It appears your unlucky ass is the only hope for these people.


Game Mode: Cooperative
IWAD: Doom II: Hell On Earth
PWADs: Project X
Maps: 16 (MAP17-MAP32)
DMFLAGS:: 151076900 / 269615186 / 0
Skill: 3 – Ultra Violence
Timelimit: None
Killlimit: None
Players: 25/36

Session times

On friday, the 16th of December 2016:

The European session starts at 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST)
The US session starts at 02:00 GMT (21:00 EST)
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