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Rules 2.0

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 1:23 am    Post subject: Rules 2.0 Reply with quote

The old rules were a bit confusing and redundant, so as a result we decided to rewrite them so they make more sense. If anyone sees anything that they think is unfair, needs to be changed, or if you something that we need, please let us know ASAP! If there are no objections by Monday morning (5/29), then these rules will become official.

For those of you who don't want to read through the entire thing, don't worry, I'll publish a summarized version later tonight Wink

Update: The playoff seeding was not written correctly. I had it like this: 1st vs 3rd 2nd vs 4th. This is incorrect, it should be 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd.

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God like!

Joined: 23 Nov 2003
Location: Atlanta,GA

PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 1:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

1.0 Format of the League

Zdaemon CTF League uses a round robin as the format for the main season. Under this system, each team in a division will play every other team one time during regular season. Should there be an odd number of teams in a division, bye weeks will be used.

This league is a 100% bullshit free league. Either play your games, or we will replace you. We do not want to hear excuses, drama, or anything else. If you cannot abide by these simple rules, then please, do not sign up for ZCL. Players who do not take this league seriously will be disqualified and replaced.

1.1 DMFlags/Settings

ZCL will use the following settings on all official servers:

DMFLAGS: 67134532
DMFLAGS2: 131080
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Score Limit: 5
Gravity: 100%
Air control: 0%
Spectators don't disturb players SVAR

All rounds are a best of three. If at the end of three games both teams are still tied, the round will be considered a draw, unless the game is a playoff (See playoffs for more info).

1.2 Map pool

The map pool for season one of ZCL will consists of these six maps:

1) And Hell Captured (VELOCTF map03)
2) Charon Orbit (VELOCTF map31)
3) Brickrun (ZCUCTF map08)
4) Redemption (ZDUCTF map30)
5) Cold Sweats (ZDECTF map01)
6) Toxic Refineries (ZDECTF map19)

Each week a different map will be played. The map order will be selected by a random number generator.

1.3 Divisions

The first season of ZCL will consist of two divisions. One will be the American division and the other will be the European division. The number of teams in each division will be determined by the number of captains that sign up.

Note: The American League refers to the continents of North and South America, not the United States of America. As such, it is open to all players who live on either continent.

1.4 Team format

Each team will consist of one captain, two main players, and one reserve. Teams are not allowed to have more than four players in their roster.

1.5 Playoffs

After the regular season is finished, the top four teams in both the American and European divisions will advance to the playoffs.

ZCL playoffs will use a single elimination format and traditional playoff seeding. For example, the team with the highest standing will play the team with the fourth highest standing and the team with the second highest standing will play the team with the third highest standing (e.g. 1-4, 2-3). The winners of both games will face off in the championship.

If two teams are tied at the end of three games during a playoff, more games will be added on until the tie is broken.

1.6 Scoring

Scoring for ZCL is simple:

A win = 2 points
A tie = 1 point
A loss = 0 points

2.0 Captaining

Every team in ZCL will have one captain. The captain is responsible for picking a team, scheduling games, communicating with teammates, and various other tasks. Because of the added responsibility on the team captain, it is recommended that only experienced players with open availability sign up as captains.

2.1 Drafting

Drafting is the process where captains fill out the rest of their team by selecting people from the free agency. Before drafting begins, a drafting order is made using a random number generator. The person who is chosen to pick first selects a person from the free agency and the rest of the captains follow suit following the drafting order. During the second round, the drafting order is inverted. So for example, the person who picked last during the first round will pick first during the second round. After every captain finishes picking during the second round, the draft is finished and the teams are made.

- Drafting for the American division of ZCL will take place Thursday May 23rd at 17:00 Eastern Standard Time

- Drafting for the European division of ZCL has not been set, yet.

2.2 Trading

Trading is allowed up until the end of the second week of ZCL. Captains are free to trade any player with another team or with the free agency, however each team is allowed a maximum of two trades per season.

2.3 Missing Players

If a captain cannot find one of their teammates after an extended period of time they must inform a member of the ZCL board. Should the board be unable to get in contact with the missing player, they will be disqualified and the captain will select another person from the free agency to replace them with.

2.4 Scheduling

It is the responsibility of the team captain to schedule games with other teams. To do this, the captain of one team must meet with the captain of the opposing team and they must both agree upon a time to play the game. Once this time is agreed upon, the captain must inform either a referee or a ZCL board member. After this, the game time will be posted on the ZCL web page so that everyone can see it.

*** When scheduling or rescheduling a game be sure to give the ZCL admins at least 24 hours head notice so that we can assign a referee to the game. ***

***Team availability must be given to a ZCL admin before 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday of that week. Missing the deadline may result in your team being penalized. ***

Note: For the purpose of ZCL, each week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

2.4.1 Grace Period

There is a ten minute grace period for a game. This means that teams must be on the server and ready to play within ten minutes of the scheduled game time. If a team is not ready ten minutes after the scheduled game time, the other team is free to declare victory if they choose.

2.4.2 Rescheduling

Games cannot be rescheduled unless captains from BOTH teams agree to do so and a league administrator approves the rescheduling. When rescheduling a game, it must take place on the same week as it was originally scheduled. You cannot schedule a week one game for week two.

2.4.3 Inadequate Players

One person from the free agency is allowed to fill in for a team if the team does not have sufficient players to start a game, however one player is the limit. If a team requires more than one player from the free agency, they will have to either reschedule or forfeit.

2.5 Naming your team

It is the job of the team's captain to come up with a name for their team, however that does not mean that members of the team cannot offer suggestions or input. While we try to give people as much freedom as possible when coming up with their team's name, there are three rules that must be followed.

1. You cannot use your clan's name as the team name

We want people to come up with original names when naming their team. For that reason we ask that all team captain refrain from naming their team after their clan.

2. The name cannot be offensive or inflammatory in nature.

Any team names that are racist or otherwise offensive or inflammatory will be rejected by league officials. No exceptions.

3. The name must be unique

Team captains are not allowed to use team names that have been featured in other leagues UNLESS they receive permission from the person who created the team. Also, you cannot have the same name as another team in the league.

3.0 Latency

High latency is NOT a valid reason for refusing to play a game. For this reason it is recommended that all players who sign up for ZCL test their internet connection on all official servers BEFORE the season begins. If the game is too laggy to play, then do not sign up for this league.

4.0 Timeouts/Disconnects

Should a player timeout or disconnect during a match, there are four things that can take place:

1)The disconnected player reconnects and rejoins the match.
2)The fourth player from the team fills in for the dropped player.
3)The team continues to play, but with a player disadvantage
4)The team decides to forfeit

Under no circumstances will a match be paused or restarted due to a player being dropped. Matches must continue uninhibited even if a team has a disadvantage.

5.0 Server Crash

In the highly unlikely event of a server crash, the game will be reset as close as possible to the state right before the crash. Score will be carried over and the time left will be rounded up or down to the nearest ten second mark. If a server crashes while someone is about to score a flag capture and the enemy team has no reasonable chance to stop it, the flag will be counted as a capture.

Example 1: If a server crashes with 3:36 left on the clock, when the game continues it will have 3:40 left until the end.

Example 2: A server crashes with a flag carrier being right next to the scoring zone and there's no enemy players near by that have a reasonable chance to kill him/her. Under this situation a point will be given to the team that was about to score.

6.0 Map reset

The only way a reset map vote can be called is if both team captains AND the referee agree that the map reset vote is justified.

7.0 Vacations

If a player will be out for an extended period of time, they must notify a board member AHEAD of time so that proper notice can be given to all players in the league. Failure to disclose this information to the board may result in disqualification from the league. Please also note that players who are on vacation for extremely long periods of time may be disqualified from the league too.

8.0 Cheating

Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and anyone who gets caught cheating will receive a lifetime ban from the league. This includes traditional cheats such as wallhacks or aimbots and non traditional cheats such as giving away opponents locations or health to another team (Ghosting).

9.0 Aliasing

To ensure the league's authenticity and to prevent impersonation, the name you signed up with on the league is the name you must play with during the entire season. Using another alias is not allowed and may result in either a penalty for your team or disqualification from the league depending on the severity.

10.0 Ghosting

See cheating.

11.0 Spamming

Spamming is defined as sending excessive amount of unwanted messages to distract or interfere with other players. The first offense will be treated as a warning, however subsequent offenses may result in a penalty or disqualification.

Note: Please do not abuse score binds.

12.0 Field Limit

Only three players from a team are allowed to play a game at one time. Having more than three players on the field can result in a penalty for the team.

13.0 Multiteaming

Multiteaming is not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified from the league and may receive a lifetime ban.

14.0 Penalties

When a player commits a minor infraction, their team may be penalized. Penalties are decided on a case by case basis by the ZCL board with a vote.

When a team is penalized, one of their players must sit out the first two minutes of a game. After the two minutes are up, the third player is allowed to join.

15.0 Disqualification

If a player commits a major offense they may be disqualified from the league. As with penalties, disqualifications are decided by the board with a vote. Players who are disqualified are removed from the league, replaced with a player on the free agency, and may be banned from participating in future seasons.

Note: Captains have up to three days to select a replacement from the free agency for a disqualified player. If they do not select a replacement within this frame of time, the board will select one instead.

16.0 Dropping out

Players that choose to drop out will be disqualified from the league and replaced as quickly as possible. When a player drops out, the team's captain gets to select another player from the free agency to replace him/her with. As with disqualifications, players who drop out may be barred from signing up with the league in subsequent seasons.

Note 1: When someone drops out, they are automatically disqualified. No disqualification vote is held by the board.

Note 2: If a captain drops out, their first pick becomes the new captain of the team by default, unless the captain selects a different teammate to replace him/her.

17.0 Forfeit

If a captain chooses to forfeit a round to another team, all remaining games in the round will be counted as a victory for the other team.

17.1 No Show

If a team does not show up for a game, it will be counted as a forfeit unless the other team is nice and allows them to reschedule the game.

18.0 Servers

The list of official servers for ZCL are:

1)Dwango United New Jersey
2)Borrowed Time Dallas Texas
3)L@P Zdaemon CTF League
4)SDA Zdaemon CTF League

18.1 Default Server

If two teams cannot come to an agreement on which server to play their game on, they will have play on the default server. For the American division the default server is Borrowed Time in Dallas, Texas. For the European division it is L@P Europe.

19.0 Board

ZDaemon CTF League is responsible for all decisions related to the league. For the first season the board will consist of Noosphere, Madgunner, Bless, Evolution, Alpha, Reckless, and Dewww.

19.1 Voting

When a vote takes place board members can either vote yes, no, or they can waive their right to vote. All votes require a 51% majority to pass. Board members that are not present at a time of a vote automatically waive their voting rights. A minimum of two board members must be present for a vote to take place.

19.2 Initiation

When a new person is initiated to the board all members must vote on whether to allow the new person in. A 51% majority is required to become an official member of the board.

20.0 Referees

The job of the referee is to spectate each game and ensure that both teams abide by the rules. When a game is scheduled by two teams, the league will assign a referee to spectate that game.

21.0 Random Number Generation

Random.org will be used for all cases that require random number generation.

22.0 Port to use

The only port allowed for ZDaemon CTF League is ZDaemon 1.09.01. Should a new version of ZDaemon get released during the season, the league will upgrade unless there are severe stability issues with the newer version.

23.0 Other notes

- Common sense will decide anything not covered in the rules.

- The board reserves the right to remove a player from the league for any reason, though we will not do this unless the person has done something that damages the league.

- The board reserves the right to add, remove, or change rules should the need come up. However we will not do this unless it becomes necessary.

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 7:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Correct me if I'm wrong but actually during the regulars the first will play the fourth and the second against the third. That's how confrontation work in Basketball.
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