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The Fre(nch)quently Asked Questions about FCT !

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God like!

Joined: 01 Feb 2012
Location: France (67) Host: Zero Dawn

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:13 pm    Post subject: The Fre(nch)quently Asked Questions about FCT ! Reply with quote

First and foremost, I want to thank the ZDaemon staff for this forum sub-section and adding me to the moderators' list! Smile


After seven weeks of intense survival games, forum threads and TeamSpeak laughter, the ZDaemon staff kindly offered us a ZDaemon forum section. While our concept was introduced in the first event's thread, I think it is safe to make a more complete and clear presentation of who we are, what we aim to create, how we see things and how we make these events. Not only that tho; while insight is cool, you also get free french lessons if you read the whole thing !

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays => The F.A.Q. !
The goal of this thread is for you all to understand how we work, how we see the FCT event, and also learn french in the process!

1°) What's the FCT and what is it all about?
The only thing I can answer to this is the server's MotD "The place where you play Doom in cray ways". The objective is simple: Create each week, a gameplay mode that deeply changes the way you would normally play the game.
This can involve new monsters, new weapons, special rules (time attack, no weapons, no healing items, randomized item placement...) and pretty much anything we can alter with simple means.

2°) Who is running the event?
The team is mostly based on three people, while other frenchies help us to tweak the things we create during the beta-testing phases. The members are:
  • Ch0wW -- a.k.a. the server admin
    • Ch0wW was active on the French Doom Community back in 2007. He left to play other games and came back into activity in 2012, packing heavy computer & network knowledge and a serious will to kick ass at this game. He is now our most experienced frenchie with the technical side of things!
      He is the admin of the BaseQ.fr servers, and is willing to help anyone with server issues and french lessons!

  • JCD -- a.k.a. the working man
    • Don't let the length of his nickname fool you! JCD is the author of a well crafted megawad, and more importantly, a living bible about Doom. His knowledge and mastery of editing tools make him one of, if not the most valuable member of the french community! While sometimes his written english isn't the best, he is always willing to help out when he can!
      He is the one who gives life to our ideas, and also the one to blame when they are buggy! :p

  • Oxyde -- a.k.a. the mastermind
    • I have been active on ZDaemon for quite some time now, and I think I am already quite well-known! I have been active in a couple of clans, played ctf for years, and know how to make maps.
      Within the FCT crew, I am the messager for the community and am the one who generally comes up with the gameplay idea that JCD creates.

3°) How deep are the changes?
Of a degree we find satisfactory! We usually try to alter one specific thing for each event. This helps the players get used to the mechanisms quickly and help they don't feel overwhelmed by the changes.

4°) Which game modes do you play?
As of yet (FCT #07), we have only been running Survival games. The main reason for this choice is that Survival seems to be the mostly played game mode around. Of course we will certainly run other modes such as CTF, DDOM, or even KotH, but creating interesting modifiers for these is a lot more difficult than it is for Survival mode.

5°) Can I submit a gamemode?
You are more than welcome to do so! While I am the one who usually is the brain behind these modes, I am far from flawless! If you want to suggest something, let us know here or on IRC.

6°) Only European events?
While I would love to organize games for the USA and any other area that wishes to participate, our personnal schedules don't allow us to hold for long. Sorry USA folks, but you are welcome to join us!

7°) Et avec ceci?
Ce sera tout pour le moment. Smile


If you are looking for more informations, feel free to contact us on irc @:
  • #FRA
  • #BaseQ
  • #PLAS
  • #EURO

I also highly recommend you check the following links for your personnal enjoyment:
  • French Doom Community => Here
  • French Doom Community ; Foreigners area => Here
  • French Doom Community ; Tourneys area => Here
  • Ch0wW's Servers' Website BaseQ.fr => Here
  • Ch0wW's YouTube Channel => Here
  • Oxyde & JCD's Website Straff50.free.fr => Here
  • Oxyde's YouTube Channel => Here

If anything is wrong or if you have more questions, let us know. Smile
Je vous répondrai avec plaisir. Wink
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