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TSL Rules

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:30 pm    Post subject: TSL Rules Reply with quote


Feel free to post any questions or suggestions here.

I'm gonna specify few tips you should tweak in your config below:

screenshot_scores 1 (no need to worry about taking screenshots manually)
cl_timeleft 1 (we need to see your time on those screenshots)

Only thing you need to register is one team-mate, join the fun!

We're gonna use L@P, XXX & NJ 1.09 servers. We did give up the 1.09 awesomeness for demos in the EDL, but it won't happen here.

General rules

We'll play different map each week.

Each team will have 5 attempts to finish the map and kill all monsters (Lost Souls can stay alive) as fast as possible. Only one best attempt (time) from each team counts. If one of the players dies, the run is invalid. Presence of at least one referee is REQUIRED, to make sure nobody is cheating by running the map more times.

Not only referee's presence is required, screenshots are as well. Please make sure you take pictures from each try and that you have "cl_timeleft=true" ("Display Timer ON") in your config, because we need to see those times on screenshots.

Officially, playdays will be Saturday and Sunday, but feel free to play whenever you want during the week. You don't need anything except for the referee and you're good to go. Just don't forget the more time you
practise, the better you will do!

All games need to be finished and posted by Sunday midnight CET. In case you won't be able to play during the weekend just because referees' aren't online, there will be an exception made. You don't have to post any extra info, if you don't want to, only screenshots from each try and from both players are needed.

Most of them should be online on our channel, #el:

Europe: dew, Evolution, Gyross, Nero
North America: Domains, epicfail, ?

Playing system, DM Flags

First two weeks we'll play warm-up maps: small arenas, which are usually way too easy to finish. To make things interesting, friendly fire will be implemented (hence we need to use Cooperative as a mode) and weapons will disappear after pick-up.
COOP: 1785888 / 1523264 (Friendly fire 0.5)

The rest of the league are gonna be classic maps with classic settings.
Survival: 1785892 / 1523264 (1-life)

Conferences, Scoring system

If eight or more teams on both continents sign up, we'll have two split conferences (NA, Euro). That is, if we have enough referees for NA. Otherwise teams will be just mixed together.

In case we have 12 teams or less (per conference), we're using the 1991-2002 Grand Prix scoring system. If more, we'll go with the 2003-2009 fixed version:

1st: 10p / 10p
2nd: 6p / 7p
3rd: 4p / 6p
4th: 3p / 5p
5th: 2p / 4p
6th: 1p / 3p
7th: - / 2p
8th: - / 1p

In case something extreme such as 5-way tie for a best time and simultaneously 3-way tie for a second best time happens: these five teams are all first, hence they all receive 10 points. Teams with the next best time are all 6th, they will receive 1 point (3 points, if the latter system is used).

Winner, Tie-breaker

This season we won't have playoffs. Following the soccer system, winner of regular season is the champion.

In case a tie for a first place occurs, we will either declare more champions or we will have a tie-breaker, if both/all teams agree to play it. The team with best results from the classic maps (weeks 3-6) will choose which map from this season's map-pool decides.

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Posting Spree!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

such a great idea!, i've had it for years too but i'm not the kind of guy that undertake projects, just too lazy for it.
good job u guys, we'll meet there some time, hope soon..
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