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The Great American Deathmatch - Crypto-Maps

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:41 pm    Post subject: The Great American Deathmatch - Crypto-Maps Reply with quote


The Great American Deathmatch - "Crypto-Maps" - gadm-crypto.wad
A set of ten original deathmatch maps for DOOM2 designed with Doom Builder 2 in Doom in Hexen Format. Textures patched & LUMPS modified using XWE. Designed By Cryptochild

Map-01 "Fight or GTFO"
Music: Rockman x3 - Boss Battle
My first ever DM that I had ever created. You can tell by the extreme simplicity of the level.

Map-02 "Jack's Raging Bile Duct"
Music: Actraiser - Boss Battle
Very industrial feeling map with nukage pits and death traps.

Map-03 "A Beautiful & Unique Snowflake"
Music: Metal Gear Solid - Encounter
An interesting map overall, the design mimicks its name.

Map-04 "Nice Fucking Khakis"
Music: The Guardian Legend - Boss Battle
Pryamid of Death style Aztec ruins.

Music: Megaman 2 - Metalman Level
A very simple "datacenter of death" DM map.

Map-06 "relliK laeraC"
Music: Actraiser - Bloodpool
My first stab at multiple intersceting angle and a overall design.

Map-07 "Maltese If You Please"
Music: 7th Saga - Dungeon Battle
Can you get some gear before somebody frags you?

Map-08 "Profound Carnage"
Music: Wolfenstien 3D - Evil Inc.
Wolfenstien 3D themed map.

Map-09 "Bloodpool"
Music: Metal Gear - Outside "Remix"
Blood, blood, blood...so much blood everywhere.

Map-10 "Slaughter House Blues"
A true test of skill and ability.
Music: Megaman 3 - Snakeman Level "On-Tour Remix"

I was asked by a couple of friends to put together a few DM maps. My first response was I don't know if I can just do something on the scale that DM maps usually are, small, simple, easy. Well I went out and started mapping and got very irritated with the content of what I was designing. After almost scrapping what I had been working on I went in search of new fresh looking textures. I found them Smile

I gotta say making DM maps has been a blast and I am looking forward to another set of ten in the coming months (as I have put my CO-OP maps on hold...mappers block). I hope you enjoy these well developed maps as much as I did making them.

Here are a few interesting facts about the maps.

The set of maps I made originally was all going to be Fight Club themed including Map Titles and midi music from the OST. This was scrapped soon after I realized that the OST wasn't available in midi format and the lack of map titles.

Almost ever single map has secrets that will either lead you to more weapons or to your untimely death Wink You can however play through all the maps with what weapons I openly provide.

Every song I used is from a video game. I wanted to use songs I liked and ones that had an overall "fight" theme to it.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's always cool to see new maps! It looks like you definitely have the basics of wad editing down pat and you are already trying out new styles of maps and gameplay. Very Happy This section has been really quiet lately. Here are some thoughts that might help improve your first DM set:

1) Most spawns should be close to a gun. It's not a lot of fun to run around with just a pistol, having to look for a bigger gun. You will see that most modern maps give the player a weapon at every spawnpoint. It's not a rule set in stone, but it will sure cut down on gameplay rigidity. There is no way to distinguish which switches grant weapons or health either.

2) Symmetry. Not every map needs to be symmetrical. DM maps are usually best when not all sides of the map are equal. Right now there are lots of copy+paste bits which isn't terribly interesting.

3) Visual clues for secrets. Secrets should usually have a visual clue to go along with them. Most players don't want to hump every section of wall looking for the elusive secret room very often. If you have a secret, it needs to be somewhat apparent that "not all is what it seems here" that would cause people to investigate.

Good luck with your next maps. Looking forward to more. Also: "HACK THE PLANET!!" Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One more thing....Try to add more "details". Exposed kind of maps dont alow to tricking/hide. All game takes to spawn / get gun/ strife / frag. Also deathmatch map dont need so much items. 3-4 ammo items + armor/stimpack is enough
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