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Ultimate DOOM Duel RemiX-All 36 maps now for duel!by RafaelB

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PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2020 6:58 am    Post subject: Ultimate DOOM Duel RemiX-All 36 maps now for duel!by RafaelB Reply with quote

created by RafaelB
contact author:
'rafael bolfe' in facebook(Brazil)
_RafaelB_ or RafaelB in ZDaemoN, or channel #original in zdirc
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmoB__5DDuwgoenpN0Udbw - watch iwad duels in RafaelB's youtube channel
check also ''TNT Duel wad'' and ''DooM 2 duel REMIX''(see in RafaelB's youtube channel to download),released before!
Original wad file:doom1duelremix.wad

This wad is a 36 map pack of all original DOOM levels remastered to duel.
Created to play in normal mode,with itens respawn and weapon stay! Maps were done to item controlling.
The objective of this wad is show to all people that original maps are cool and strategic.
Because they were balanced in this wad and scrapped bad original parts.

Watch explanation of all maps in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqvVItsMMPA

Overall DOOM1 changes:

-Rebalanced armor/supercharge itens,the two most deathmatch important itens.
-Unlocked some ways/routes.
-Added chainsaw in all maps in center places,for railgun or ssg replace wads.
-Reduced all maps size.
-Removed maze/confused areas.
-Added cell weapons in most maps,except small ones.For turn it off,use nobfg.wad or nocellweapons.wad.
-BFG places are now in harder areas.

Best maps in MY opinion to play duel(maps that skill and strategy is more required,but feel free to play others):
Knee deep in the Dead:e1m2,e1m3,e1m4,e1m5,e1m6,e1m7,e1m9
The Shores of Hell:e2m2,e2m3,e2m4,e2m6,e2m8
Thy Flesh Consumed:e4m3,e4m4,e4m7,e4m8,e4m9.

Map changes(item locations please check the map):

*Knee deep in the Dead:

E1M1: Opened central area to access all map. Created BFG in Green lava area.
E1M2: Removed shotgun elevator. Plasma in other elevator. BFG outside for Fun and because BFG is more useless in open outside area. Added in final Room Supercharge and armor to balance map.
E1M3: Rebalanced final secret area itens. Added BFG in exit area linked to Green acid outside area. Opened map overall.
E1M4: Added blue Room Supercharge to balance map. Added BFG in megaarmor elevator. Deleted map in blue door confused Maze.
E1M5: Deleted outside Supercharge area. Reduced dark final Room. Rebalanced some itens.opened some locked ways.
E1M6: Final Green armor area scrapped. Added BFG in Supercharge final corridor. Opened locked map ways.
E1M7: Deleted acid Green areas. Added BFG in start elevator. Rebalanced itens like adding Supercharge in exit area.
E1M8: Added two teleports to create a alternative way to route map. Rebalanced itens.
E1M9: Deleted star area and near it. Linked some areas to others. BFG in hard walk pilar area.

*The Shores of Hell:

E2M1: Deleted plasma area. Deleted exit area. Rebalanced itens.
E2M2: Deleted confusion boxes area. Stopped auto circle elevators. Added BFG in Green acid area.
E2M3: Added BFG in exit area, acided. Deleted door start area. Deleted dark Room confused Maze pilar area.
E2M4: Deleted long blue hallway in elevator. Linked megaarmor area with start. Deleted initial area. Deleted central elevator area.
E2M5: Deleted most Maze areas. Kept final areas. Unlocked parts.
E2M6: Deleted most inside areas. Kept central opened area to open combat. Added BFG in acid.
E2M7: Kept boxes area and outside closer. Added BFG in closed invisibility area.
E2M8: Added BFG in central area. Rebalanced all itens to open combat map.
E2M9: Small map.Rebalanced itens only.


E3M1: Added extra way to more map route. Kept original weapons mode. For more weapons please play E3M9 warrens map.
E3M2: Only final areas and chaingun area aviable. Rebalanced itens.Most map maze has been deleted.
E3M3: Deleted final area. Linked some locked parts. Deleted bridge area.
E3M4: Linked all map in a central area. Deleted final area. Deleted initial useless area. Harder BFG area.
E3M5: Only central area and exit area aviable. BFG area now acided.
E3M6: Reduced all open area map. Deleted skull backpack area. Deleted most inside areas.
E3M7: Only start, BFG and Supercharge areas aviable.
E3M8: Rebalanced itens to open area combat.
E3M9: Added extra route to alternative way. Fixed original door bug. Deleted Supercharge mazed area.

*Thy Flesh Consumed:

E4M1: rebalanced itens like Supercharge and armor.
E4M2: only final area and Square acid aviable.
E4M3: Deleted elevator acid area. Deleted some inside areas. Rebalanced itens.
E4M4: Deleted some start areas. Rebalanced itens. Deleted invulnerability Maze area.
E4M5: only start area and key area aviable. Outside is now open. Rebalanced itens.
E4M6: only final acid areas aviable to acid open combat map.
E4M7: Deleted outside areas because this map most combat is inside. Rebalanced itens.
E4M8: added extra invisibility to balança the map. Rebalanced some itens.
E4M9: only outside areas aviable. Rebalanced itens. Added firesticks to prevent jumping in supercharge.

Most maps have removed or reduced invul/invisible in this version, but there are strategies to avoid them.
Invul rests for 30 secs and is detectable.invisible for 60 secs,and not useful in light areas.if your opponent is invisible,avoid dark areas.
For invul,just shoot hitscan and you can see puffs and not blood in the player.
Also, it will not scream.If you die, just wait opponent's 30secs finishes.Also works to invisible.
It's more easy dodge invul than bfg, because invul is only run or hide.Maps in this wad have BFG in harder areas.

Original Doom.wad IWAD Ultimate is required to play this wad.

Please distribute!Play and share with other doomers the wad and RafaelB's youtube channel link.Thank you!

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p5nwifb44hjmxwv/doom1duelremix.zip/file
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 2:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome Cool
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