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New Public CTF Servers w/Priv Accommodations; CTF etiquette

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:01 pm    Post subject: New Public CTF Servers w/Priv Accommodations; CTF etiquette Reply with quote

Hello ZDaemon Community,

It brings me great pleasure to announce three new CTF servers that have been added, thanks in part to AF-Domains, Flambeau, NationwideMoose, and Danzoa.

DUI NJ: zds://

[USQC] NY: zds://

Den's Den NY: zds://

I want to take a little bit of time to explain the reasoning behind adding these servers, how they'll function for the general public, the etiquette that comes with playing in such a structured environment, and what we hope to see as a result of this. Let's begin.

We all enjoy some CTF. There is certainly no doubt that we all love to hop into a CTF server, mash our keyboards to join on whatever team has an available slot, turn our brains off and simply shoot away with the occasional hope of capturing a flag. This is public CTF. However, while this style certainly has its own appeal, there are a large number of players that prefer something a bit more structured. In the past, we would play on either unadvertised servers or password protected servers to avoid the lack of structure. This worked then, but probably to the detriment of the community because instead of teaching newer players a structured way to play CTF, we closed the doors on them and never gave them a chance to grow.

Let's talk about how they'll function in the public now:

Given the aforementioned reasoning, we have adopted a similar style for our servers: public access, but a password that is needed to join the game. This way, players are free to join the server but they can't freely mash on their keyboards to cram up slots with complete disregard to team balance or structure. As such, they can request the join password and learn the proper ways to conduct themselves in organized settings. Here is a brief summary of how we do this in structured way (what we used to call Private CTF, or shortened to Priv more commonly):

Obviously Red and Blue teams are the competing teams, this is a given.

Before each round, we conduct a draft. We organize the draft as:

White Team: available to be drafted or chosen as captain

Green Team: unavailable to be drafted or chosen as captain

Captain Selection: the process isn't exactly streamlined, someone joins the red or blue team and does either in console or chat "callvote randcaps." This will randomly assign two captains from the teams of red, blue, or white. Those two are the captains. The one with the higher ping gets to decide whether they want first pick of the draft or map selection, where the second captain receives the opposite of what the higher ping captain decides they want (i.e, higher ping captain elects to take map, giving the second captain first pick). Consider this a more condensed TL;DR section, for a more detailed overview see the bottom of this post.

As it stands, we have a cap to 10 players on each server, meaning the maximum capacity is 5v5. Captains can decide on what they want (3v3, 4v4, 5v5) but generally we encourage you all to keep the number of players in the server in mind, so that we can assure the majority of the players get some time to play. We ask the same in drafting, try to include everyone - though we realize people will want the best players, so this is not a "rule," merely a suggestion. Our goal here is to teach and expand the community, not beat it into oblivion.

The servers currently allow for maps to be changed, so a little bit of knowledge on map-packs is required. As it stands, we are constructing wads with hub maps, and the server will return the match to the hub-map after each round so players can get a visual demonstration of which maps are assigned to what numbers (we tend to know most of the maps with visual cues, but numbers and names aren't something the majority of the community has committed to memory).

Let's discuss what is expected of you, the players:

Above, I mentioned etiquette. That is because the simple truth is that there are still ways to turn these structured games into absolute clown fiestas if the players do not decide to accommodate general "etiquette," or in other words: respect for the rules and structure. This means that you respect the draft process; if you are not picked, you accept it and wait to the next round. You do not join a random team and mash away at keys to get onto a team and play. You return to the respective slots in a timely manner (white or green depending on what you want to do next round). In fact, try to show a sense of urgency in everything: don't take 10 minutes to pick a map or "strategize," people do want to play! While we certainly don't mind trash talking, bullying will not be tolerated. There are those with rcon access readily available to handle anyone who decides the rules do not apply to them. Additionally, it is inevitable that the join password will make its way around the community should these servers really pick up traction and gain activity, but that's okay! That is exactly what we hope to have happen. That said, if people begin to show no respect for the above described etiquette, we will go to a system where we constantly rotate joining passwords.

Speaking of passwords, all servers will have the same join password. As of right now, that password is as follows:


Finally, I want to talk about what my future goals are here:

I love this game, I always have. I want activity to be abundant so that you all can experience the best parts of this game that I did for so many years: structure, competitiveness, and a bit of organized chaos. Mad

That said, none of this works if we all do not take it seriously. Eventually, I want to be able to have rotating wads that host an array of different maps, past and present. There are currently thousands of maps in circulation for CTF, some of them are really damn good. New maps keep the game healthy and fuels the life-blood of another long, storied part of this community: mappers. And boy I tell you, none of us would be here without the hefty dose of mappers this community has had and will continue to have. So I ask all of you to be open minded to new maps as well, because trust me when I say in the long run you'll enjoy it far more.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Flambeau, Dastan, Danzoa, Stall, Merk, or NationwideMoose. We are all here to help.

As for me, you can contact me on discord under:


If there is enough interest, I will generate a discord server specifically for this. I hope to see you all out there. Twisted Evil

Private CTF Guidelines:

Private CTF Guidelines

So you're new to the scene and want to get in on some hardcore competitive CTF? Awesome! Just remember these basic rules and you'll be welcome.

To change team: go to Player Setup in the menu, or open the console and enter "team 0" for red; "team 1" for blue; "team 2" for green; "team 3" for white.
Do NOT join in the middle of a game. This is not public CTF. Instead, either change team to green if you intend to spectate and not take part; or to white if you wish to take part after the current game has ended.

No aliasing: use your well known nickname!

How to play:

Make sure you're on the White team. Players on the Green team are always ignored from the game and cannot switch over to White during player selection.
A vote is called to determine two captains for the round. The captains then take turns to choose players from the white team only.
If a captain picks you, you must join their team.
The game will only begin after a 'callvote reset' of the map chosen. The game can not begin with a 'callvote map mapxx' command. This is to ensure that all players are familiar with the map beforehand and have adequate time to discuss tactics using team chat.


The captain with the highest ping is granted first choice. He may request to have choice of map instead.
If there is a large skill/knowledge difference between the two captains (which would result in an unbalanced draft), there will be a recap.
There is a cooldown period of one round before you may be picked as a captain again.


Players who connect or change team from green to white during a draft are ineligible for selection until the next round.
Players who did not get picked in the previous round must be picked as first choice in the next round. This does not include newly connected players.
If selected, players cannot give up their position during a draft without a good reason.
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God like!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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