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DooM2Duel - All 32 DooM2 maps rebalanced for duel!by RafaelB

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:47 am    Post subject: DooM2Duel - All 32 DooM2 maps rebalanced for duel!by RafaelB Reply with quote

created by RafaelB
contact author:
'rafael bolfe' in facebook(brazil)
_RafaelB_ or RafaelB in ZDaemoN, or channel #original in zdirc
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmoB__5DDuwgoenpN0Udbw watch iwad duels in RafaelB's youtube channel
check also ''TNT Duel wad''(google it to download),released before!

This wad is a 32 map pack of all original DOOM2 levels remastered.
Created to play in altdeath mode! Maps were done to item controlling.
Altdeath = DM 2.0, when all itens respawn and weapons stay is disabled.
The objective of this wad is show to all people that original maps are cool.
Because they were balanced in this wad and scrapped bad original parts.
All megashperes were replaced by supercharges,because mega is unbalanced.

If you dont want to play with invul/invisible, use dont spawn mega powerups.
But there's no reason for it, because invul rests for 30 secs and is detectable.
Just shoot hitscan and you can see puffs and not blood in the player.
Also, it will not scream.If you die, just wait opponent's 30secs finishes.
It's more easy dodge invul than bfg, because invul is only run or hide.

best maps in my opinion to play: 3,5,9,10,11,13,15,16,18,19,20,27,28.

Map changes(item locations please check the map):
1.added 2 souls in the map and linked start area with shotgun area.
2.added extra armor and soul to balance map.
3.opened bfg area to prevent campers.rebalanced bfg itens.
4.scrapped redkey areas.made bfg area attackable outside.
5.added extra ssg and armor to balance the map.removed prison area.
6.deleted spiderdemon area.created a way to reach ssg to start area.
7.rebalanced some itens.
8.deleted exit area.rebalanced some itens.
9.removed the acids of 3 doors places.removed long elevators to soul.
10.reduced shotgun start area.deleted acid mega area.reduced confused uac green area.
11.deleted long elevators in exit area.obstacles in teleport soul exit area to prevent campers in this corner.
12.deleted start floor areas.rebalanced armors souls and invisibilities.
13.scrapped chaingun elevator area.reduced berserk way arrow area.removed elevator red key berserk area.removed exit berserk area,all berserks are now outside.also reduced the rocket area.extra soul in a hard area.
14.maked rocket start area always opened.rebalanced souls.
15.reduced exit area.reduced wolf secret area.removed chaingun with medkits area.
16.deleted excessive plasma guns.bfg only in bfg area,no more excessive cells and medkit.reduced shotgun with soul area.
17.deleted red acid start area.reduced secret invisibility area.reduced final plasma area.
18.removed megasphere with health bonuses area.removed acid bfg confused area.extra ssg in start to balance with open area ssg.
19.only central archvile area and around aviable.new ssg to balance the otherside,can be picked in the elevator.souls in hard areas.megaarmor in arch.greenarmor in safe areas.deleted excessive bfg cells and meds.
20.reduced all acid structure in the map.removed the long elevators in acid soul area.
21.added soul in green acid to balance with original mega place.added megaarmor to exit useless area.
22.fixed original spawn bugs.added extra soul and armor.added megaarmor in fall useless elevator area.
23.megaarmor in exit.mega replaced by soul.
24.only start acid areas aviable.souls rebalanced.
25.removed excessive cells in plasmagun.removed final useless area.
26.plus one supercharge and megaarmor to balance.bfg moved to exit.deleted bfg outside area.
27.deleted excessive weapons in bfg elevator area.removed first cloned area.
28.redistributed invulnerabilities concentrated.megas replaced to souls.armors in new places to compensate megas.
29.aviable only final area to arena deathmatch.
30.only sin area aviable,no more all weapons area.rebalanced souls.
31.created a way in the middle of the map to connect ways.megaarmor in empty place.exit have the same as the secret unbalanced bfg area,now 2 good areas balanced.
32.added 3 chainguns and a soul in end of level to balance map.removed excessive cells in the map.

DOWNLOAD fixed 05/04/2019 http://www.mediafire.com/file/3ryg773pbcjov17/doom2duel.zip/file
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