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Simplistic obituaries [upd8ed m8]

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:03 pm    Post subject: Simplistic obituaries [upd8ed m8] Reply with quote


I have been always disappointed and not very satisfied with the way obituaries are shown, so I opened zdaemon.wad, took the languages lump and started editing some of it's lines, here is what I have for now, I plan to make a dehacked lump (or whatever the lump name is) for a simpler (easier to read) view of obituaries, yet, a more explanatory of what each item are. Here we go:



Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6



GOTARMOR       = +100 armor points. 1/3 damage absorb.
GOTMEGA       = Maxed armor points. Half damage absorb.
GOTHTHBONUS       = +1 health point.
GOTARMBONUS       = +1 armor point.
GOTSTIM       = +10 health points.
GOTMEDINEED       = +25 health points.
GOTMEDIKIT       = +25 health points.
GOTSUPER       = +100 health points

#Special items

GOTINVUL       = Invulnerable for 30 seconds.
GOTBERSERK       = +100 health points. Fists are ten times stronger.
GOTINVIS       = Semi-invisible for 60 seconds.
GOTSUIT       = Immune to damaging floors for 60 seconds.
GOTVISOR       = Bright ambient for 120 seconds.
GOTMSPHERE       = Maxed health and armor. Half damage absorb.
GOTBACKPACK       = Ammo capacity doubled. +(10|20) +(4|8) +(1|2) +(20|40)


GOTCLIP       = +10|20 bullets.
GOTCLIPBOX       = +50|100 bullets.
GOTROCKET       = +1|2 rockets.
GOTROCKBOX       = +5|10 rockets .
GOTCELL       = +20|40 energy cells.
GOTCELLBOX       = +100|200 energy cells.
GOTSHELLS       = +4|8 shells.
GOTSHELLBOX       = +20|40 shells.


GOTBFG9000       = BFG9000.
GOTCHAINGUN       = Chaingun.
GOTCHAINSAW       = Chainsaw.
GOTLAUNCHER       = Rocket launcher.
GOTPLASMA       = Plasma gun.
GOTSHOTGUN      = Shotgun.
GOTSHOTGUN2       = Super shotgun.
GOTRAILGUN       = Railgun.

#Beta stuff

BETA_BONUS1       = Demonic dagger.
BETA_BONUS2       = Skullchest.
BETA_BONUS3       = Evil sceptre.
BETA_BONUS4       = Unholy bible.


OB_MPFIST = %k (fist) %o.
OB_MPCHAINSAW = %k (chainsaw) %o.
OB_MPPISTOL = %k (pistol) %o.
OB_MPSHOTGUN = %k (shotgun) %o.
OB_MPSSHOTGUN = %k (super shotgun) %o.
OB_MPCHAINGUN = %k (chaingun) %o.
OB_MPROCKET = %k (rocket launcher) %o.
OB_MPR_SPLASH = %k (rocket launcher) %o.
OB_MPPLASMARIFLE = %k (plasma gun) %o.
OB_MPBFG_BOOM = %k (BFG9000) %o.
OB_MPBFG_SPLASH = %k (BFG9000) %o.
OB_MPTELEFRAG = %k (telefrag) %o.
OB_RAILGUN = %k (railgun) %o.
OB_MPBFG_MBF = %k (BFG9000) %o.

#Misc. obituaries

OB_DEFAULT = %o died.
OB_FRIENDLY1 = %k (team kills) %o.
OB_FRIENDLY2 = %k (team kills) %o.
OB_FRIENDLY3 = %k (team kills) %o.
OB_FRIENDLY4 = %k (team kills) %o.

It would be better if it was possible to add graphics in obituaries, so I would make it more Counter-Strike esque.

Any suggestions?

Update: Properly converted to DEHACKED syntax and uploaded as a wad file.

Get it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ij26q451ebp82b4/soei.wad
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice, handy.
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