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ZCL .:. Guideline.

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Joined: 19 May 2012
Location: France

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:41 pm    Post subject: ZCL .:. Guideline. Reply with quote


First of all, I would like to thank AF-Domains for making up this section!

Before we begin, this thread will be used as a reminder for the admins/referees. More precisely, a memorandum of what we should know before a game begin.

What kind of thing we should remember before/during a gametime ?

Admins & Referees :

Players name that have the Admins / Referees access will be shown in red color on the channel #ZCL.

- They must regularly check the server settings, to ensure that the Overtime is disabled.
- If a person gets to troll in a server, talk to an Admin.
- They've got the RCON access of all ZCL servers.
What kind of access the RCON will allow ? Kick, Addban, Tempban, Map, Maxplayersperteam (rcon maxplayersperteam "3"), Overtime (rcon overtime "0"), Timelimit "10".

In case of Zirc issues, a list of referees will be unveiled on this thread when we would get it done.

-Noosphere (Admin & REF)
-Alpha (REF)
-Madgunner (Admin & REF)
-Evolution (Admin & REF)
-Bless (Admin & REF)
-Reck (REF)
-Turtles (REF)

Planning your game :

Before you start your games, make sure :

- You have at least a 4th active member who could possibly fill a player.
- The Maxplayersperteam is at 4.
- You're reccording your game, because most of the servers we're using doesn't use the Server_side demos yet.
- You're using the nickname that you registered with.

Also, If you're worried due to the spectate chats, you should not, the servers use the function "Quiet Spectators" which would mean that their discussions will not be heard by the players.

Servers :

#1 Dwango United ->> ZCL2013 server <<-

#2 Borrowed Time Dallas ->> ZCL2013 server <<-

#3 [L@P] Zdaemon CTF League 2013 S3rv3R

#4 [SDA] Zdaemon CTF League 2013 Server

#5 BaseQ.fr - Official ZCL2013 Server

Vacation :

Please, try to warn us in advance of your departure so that we can be able to find a replacement (if needed).

Draft :

Phase 1.

Registrations are opens and each player is free to either register as a player or captain. Captains are free to name their team, but it is more preferable to have full teams first.

Phase 2.

When the registrations done, all captains will then franchise a player.

Phase 3.

Once time the players franchised, drafting will begin. Keep in mind that during this procedure, a random number generator will be used to specify the selection order. If you want to be affiliated for a team that has a common language, you're free to refuses or make an arrangement with the captain's pick.

We will use Teamspeak 3 for this, therefore all captains will be invited to join our Teamspeak channel.

US Drafts will begins sooner because of the amount of players.

If you didn't get picked by a captain, you have 2 options :

1- You can be transferred to the USA free agency.
2- You can join the EURO drafts and give a second shot to get picked by a captain from the Free Agency list.

Naming your Team :

It is the job of the team's captain to come up with a name for their team, however that does not mean that members of the team cannot offer suggestions or input. While we try to give people as much freedom as possible when coming up with their team's name, there are three rules that must be followed.

1. You cannot use your clan's name as the team name

We want people to come up with original names when naming their team. For that reason we ask that all team captain refrain from naming their team after their clan.

2. The name cannot be offensive or inflammatory in nature.

Any team names that are racist or otherwise offensive or inflammatory will be rejected by league officials. No exceptions.

3. The name must be unique

Team captains are not allowed to use team names that have been featured in other leagues UNLESS they receive permission from the person who created the team. Also, you cannot have the same name as another team in the league.

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Joined: 19 May 2012
Location: France

PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Added BaseQ.fr to the official servers!

The server is not using the latest Zserv binary unfortunately, therefore each captains have to reccord their games!

Server security has also been enhanced since the Specs_dont_disturb_players Cvar is not compatible yet.
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